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The History Channel and The Biography Channel have launched IP and broadband VOD services with T-Online Vision, Maxdome and Arcor.


HOT cable subscribers enjoy the possibility of viewing programs from Arutz Hahistoria (The History Channel that can be used as study aid during the matriculation exams.


Virgin Media subscribers can access the best of The History Channel in standard-definition and high-definition 24/7 directly on their cable boxes through their VOD service. The History Channel programs will also be available on BT Vision’s innovative VOD service.


A sample of Canal de Historia programs are available on ONO’s VOD service (OJO) for ONO subscribers to enjoy after they have aired on the channel.


AETN has reached an agreement, through JBC, AETN’s affiliate in Korea, to provide The History Channel programming on Gretech’s and HANATV’s VOD services. Gretech is a Korean-language online advertising-supported VOD service and HANATV is HANARO’s, one of Korea’s largest triple-play communication companies, IPTV VOD service. AETN International has also licensed programming to Korea Telecom for KT’s MegaTV IPTV service.


HD and SD programs have been licensed for Portugal Telecom’s new Portuguese-language VOD service launching in September.


AETN has reached an agreement with Media Eye and its sub-distributor Digiturk to distribute programs on Digiturk’s new broadband VOD service for both History and Crime and Investigation.

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